A curious problem solver, lateral thinker, happy camper, midnight oil burner, status quo-phobe. I live by the motto that "Designs don't change the world, designers do". Always seeking creative opportunities while cooking up few startup ideas.

My work spans all forms of creative disciplines — from building brands with a disruptive attitude, to creating apps that make women shine. From crafting a video that tickles the sentimental side of humanity, to dressing up one banana to generate thousands of reactions in a single social post. I'm Jacalin (I go by Jac), Art Director based in Sydney, Australia. 

15 years ago...

Since I was a freshman at art college, I have had this image in my head that a 'cool' designer is someone who gets their hands dirty on a bit of everything in the creative world — who travels in a suitcase for years with a journal to soak up all the good things the world has to offer. It all helps them to become fully qualified. Awareness of the world around you is so much more valuable than the number of big agencies you’ve worked. Truly creative storytelling and vision can only come from the heart.

With this in mind,  I packed up my bags and started my adventure at the age of 19, on a mission to throw myself into anything and everything in order to verify my creative vision. I live by the motto that, "Design doesn’t change the world — designers do." Just like many things in life, it is important to find my creative voice and not settle into comfort zones. I was curious about everything in the creative space, I participated in some completely random creative industries across four continents during my adventure: ceramics, textiles, jewellery, music, fashion, interior, creative education, events, digital products, virtual reality, branding and social strategies. 

What is design?

The definition of 'design' has become blurred over the years. Many online collaborative tools have been introduced over the past few years to make the practice of 'design' much more accessible to everyone — which is a fantastic thing. The difference is who the designer is? A good designer is a problem solver, a trailblazer, a little bit of a "chess player" who's always curious and constantly uncovering the relationships between digital media and social influences to ensure their messages can make a differences in the world we live in. ‘Design to make a difference’ is essentially what I want to do. I am proud of my engagement in a wide variety of designs over the years and am passionate about solving problems for brands that have a clear vision to improve our world and way of life. Life, you see, is too short. We should focus on making positive impact on people's lives. Having a clear goal in that direction is so important.  

Solo projects:

Who doesn't love the idea of entrepreneurship? So I became one. Check out my gardening set design dream project Terrarium Town, and my recent startup tech savvy fashion line The Rushing Hour. It's clear that I am still a sucker for well-crafted, non-digital products. I run these two side businesses in conjunction to my digital and branding creative work, and it has helped me enormously to understand the eco-system in which all creative people exist.